{ADVICE} Dining Etiquette 101

This handy infographic gives you all the information you need to understand the basics in dining etiquette. All dinner guests should know and follow these basic steps to dinner sophistication.

Read more here and close-ups – thedailytruffle.com/2011/12/holiday-dining-ettiquette/ 



{ADVICE} Invite Etiquette

Our friends at PopBox party have posted this guide on how to send out invites to your event – top tips for getting it right everytime!

Here’s their guide to invites….

Sending out the right invite at the right time is key to party success. How can you have a party with no guests – right?

The Birthday Party: 6-8 Weeks in Advance

For formal parties ensure to send out your invites 6-8 weeks before your party. Ensure to include basic details on your invite such as the date, timings, location and RSVP (include name, contact details and reply date). You can also include information if there is a theme, such as for kids dress-up parties give indication that you expect the children to dress to the theme. Also consider if you need to include any details about gifting and BYO (Bring Your Own food or drink).



The Hen Party: 10-12 Weeks in Advance

As the ‘Head Bridesmaid’ or ‘Maid of Honor’ it is your job to take control of the pre-wedding celebrations. Think about the event you are planning and ensure you get the invites out ASAP with full details to all the necessary guests (ensure to speak to your bride about who she expects to attend).

If you are planning on going abroad or away for a whole weekend, start a facebook event invite with full details of the planned event; by using a social network you can communicate easily with the whole group about ongoing details of the trip. Ensure to always be clear with as many key details about the event as early as possible with the trip. It is also a good idea to send out a formal invite or email to all the attendees as soon as all the trip details are confirmed.

Staying closer to home it is good practice to get invites out at least 8 weeks before the event. If you are planning your event in the summer months it might be wise to send the invite out 10-12 weeks to give people a little more notice over this busy time.

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{ADVICE} Hen Party Planning Advice


A wonderful resource for all hen parties in the UK is The Hen Planner website. Bubbling over with fantastic suppliers, inspiration and advice – it’s the perfect place to head if your planning a hen party or bridal shower.

From this great website, comes this article ideal if you are planning a hen – all the advice you need:

Team Bridesmaid

Ok, so after you have talked to the bride and have an idea of what she wants for her hen party (and importantly DOESN’T want), you’re all good to get started, right?

If you are the only bridesmaid, then yes! You might be feeling the pressure of organising the hen party on your own but consider yourself lucky… At least you can crack on with the organising and pull in some five star friends hands to help out where they can.
For those who are part of team bridesmaid though, we know it’s not as easy as it should be. If you are the type of girl who has lots of ideas and wants to just get it sorted you have to wait! Do not make any plans before you talk to the others. We know how frustrating that is. But it’s really important to work with the other bridesmaids. The last thing you want is friction, dramatic bridesmaidzilla wars and worst of all, an unhappy bride.

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{PARTY IDEA} Chocolate Tasting Party


Cool ideas for a party with the ladies from Celebrations at Home – Chocolate Tasting Party.

Well, I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon than with some awesome girl friends, champagne, and chocolate. Can you? I hosted this chocolate tasting party for some gal pals and I’m sharing all the details, plus a wonderful palate cleansing cheese shortbread cracker recipe.

Party Details:

  • Use chalkboards and brown packing paper to create the tasting table. Adding handwritten notes on the paper tablecloth.
  • Adding tasting scorecards for each guest to write notes and pick their favourite treat.
  • The chalkboard sign on the table serves as the directive for truffle tasting order.
  • Since nuts and fruit go so well together – especially in chocolate – pair these nut lovers truffles with an assortment of dried fruit. Dried mango, apricots, pineapple, and raisins in the center of the table for guests.


  • In order to offset all that sweetness, I made cheese-pecan shortbread crackers. These were a nice palate cleanser between tastings, as well as a savory break when needed. I’m a huge fan of alternating between sweet and savory nibbles.
  • And of course, champagne is the only thing to serve with truffles!

Read the whole article on this party at Celebrations at Home. 

{PARTY IDEA} Teal Theme Bridal Shower Lunch


Looking for a simple and stylish idea for a future bridal shower or hen party? Something classy and elegant which will suit all ages and tastes? Look no further than this inspiring bridal shower theme from Hostess with the Mostess blog! 


This is a very elegant party with a vintage feel.


  • Sea Foam Green Macarons, Bow Embellished Cake Pops and Wedding Date Heart Shaped Cookies
  • Mini Champagne Bottles with Ribbon & Polka Dot Straws
  • Bride To Be Banner (on beautiful garden style chairs!), Instagram Sign & Ring Shaped Balloon
  • Hanging Honeycomb, Lantern and Tissue Pom Gazebo Decor
  • “I Do” Cupcake Toppers and Initial Letter sweet Dishes (buy online)

Read all about this lovely party idea at Hostess with the Mostess – {SWEET & CHIC} TEAL BRIDAL SHOWER LUNCHEON

{PARTY IDEA} Great British Street Party

Looking for a fun and informal style for your summer party – you can’t go wrong with the Red, White and Blue of the British flag and nostalgic themes. Host a garden tea party, or get all your friends to bake a cake and host a bake-off competition – the possibilities are endless!

These styling tips from Brids Party are ideal for waving your patriotic flag on party day!

Queen's Coronation Jubilee coronation street party ideas party printables royal uk party supplies british best (15)



“I styled this street party to showcase the latest party printables  – party printables offer a really fun and affordable way to decorate your tables and homes for the occasion!”

I created some scones recipe for a Tea Party, so this time round I decided to bake some traditional British desserts with a  summery twist!
The desserts was mainly a traditional affair with a little home-made twist like a Jubilee Cake, where strawberries and cream cheese frosting were used to decorate a traditional Victoria Sponge, as well as Chocolate Hob-Nobs, English Trifle, vanilla cupcakes with cherry filling (white frosting topped with a glacé cherry to look like a popular Cherry Bakewell Tart), and Shortbread Crowns where home-made shortbread cookies were decorated with lemon curd and fresh raspberries.
But off course no English party would be complete without tea, so I used the printable union jack designs on the mugs, and covered the tea bags with a printable wrapper with the Queen’s silhouette that we have in our stamps, and with the usual Royal Warrant trade marking we would get in retail products “By Appointment of Her Majesty The Queen” – Which is very befitting for the occasion!
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