Ready to Party? Jingle all the way this Christmas!

From popbox party… Are you looking for a stylish but fun party theme for your Christmas events and celebrations? Celebrate in style and sparkle with this party in a box kit for all your Christmas celebrations. Top tips 5 for a festive party for all the family: 1. Plan the Menu Getting a selection of party nibbles right […]

From 1. Mix it up Plan your menu to make sure you have a nice mixture of canapés. For a party of eight or more, serve a variety of at least six different types of canapé with an equal split of meat, fish and vegetarian. Serving half cold and half hot will mean less time […]

{ADVICE} Hen Party Planning Advice

A wonderful resource for all hen parties in the UK is The Hen Planner website. Bubbling over with fantastic suppliers, inspiration and advice – it’s the perfect place to head if your planning a hen party or bridal shower. From this great website, comes this article ideal if you are planning a hen – all […]