{PARTY IDEA} Festive Winter Wonderland

This beautiful theme posted on Birds Party Blog is elegant, modern and sparkling for christmas. The Winter Wonderland theme is perfect for your festive gatherings big or small and suits most tastes. ‘Dreaming of a White Christmas’ was my inspiration. We ♥ snow, and the idea of styling a complete white party seemed very appropriate to […]

{PARTY IDEA} Reindeer Christmas Dinner Party

Getting set for the festive season and planning to have some guests over for dinner or the big day? Why not host a elegant Reindeer themed dinner party for your guests. This article from Kara’s Party Ideas shows you exactly how to create this bronzed theme… “This lovely SANTA’S REINDEER DINNER HOLIDAY CHRISTMAS PARTY was submitted by […]

{PARTY IDEA} Ice Cream Parlour Party

Another fantastic idea from Birds Party Blog, how about a Ice Cream Parlour theme for a birthday? This party would be perfect for any birthday celebration (Who wouldn’t want a table filled with frozen treats for their birthday?!) or indeed a super sweet back to school celebration!   Read the full article at Birds Party Blog…

{PARTY IDEA} Halloween Party for Kids

The upcoming favourite holiday for children everywhere – halloween. Whilst fewer kids might be taking to the streets in search of sweets, parents are turning to creating their own halloween haven in their own home. This great guide from Belly Feathers gives you some great tips on how to host your own Halloween kids party […]

{PARTY IDEA} Teal Theme Bridal Shower Lunch

Looking for a simple and stylish idea for a future bridal shower or hen party? Something classy and elegant which will suit all ages and tastes? Look no further than this inspiring bridal shower theme from Hostess with the Mostess blog!  This is a very elegant party with a vintage feel. PARTY HIGHLIGHTS: Sea Foam […]