{PARTY IDEA} Reindeer Christmas Dinner Party

Getting set for the festive season and planning to have some guests over for dinner or the big day? Why not host a elegant Reindeer themed dinner party for your guests. This article from Kara’s Party Ideas shows you exactly how to create this bronzed theme…


“This lovely SANTA’S REINDEER DINNER HOLIDAY CHRISTMAS PARTY was submitted by Jennifer Rogers of Cio Prints Design Studio! I am in love with this printable collection, and actually have the exact same plates from Target! Love the design. Jennifer did a fabulous job….such a  beautiful party with a lot of ideas…

Jennifer said this about planning the party- “This was a small dinner party for some of our closest friends and family. We wanted to do something special before the holiday season really kicked off and everyone was too busy with prior RSVP’s. After a trip to Santa’s workshop where they have actual reindeer we totally fell in love and had to do a party showcasing these beautiful creatures. We wanted a modern and elegant feel to the party, nothing to over the top. After finding some great reindeer plates and accessories at my favorite store (Target) the inspiration began flowing.”

Read the rest of this great article at Karas Party Ideas


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