{ADVICE} Hen Party Planning Advice


A wonderful resource for all hen parties in the UK is The Hen Planner website. Bubbling over with fantastic suppliers, inspiration and advice – it’s the perfect place to head if your planning a hen party or bridal shower.

From this great website, comes this article ideal if you are planning a hen – all the advice you need:

Team Bridesmaid

Ok, so after you have talked to the bride and have an idea of what she wants for her hen party (and importantly DOESN’T want), you’re all good to get started, right?

If you are the only bridesmaid, then yes! You might be feeling the pressure of organising the hen party on your own but consider yourself lucky… At least you can crack on with the organising and pull in some five star friends hands to help out where they can.
For those who are part of team bridesmaid though, we know it’s not as easy as it should be. If you are the type of girl who has lots of ideas and wants to just get it sorted you have to wait! Do not make any plans before you talk to the others. We know how frustrating that is. But it’s really important to work with the other bridesmaids. The last thing you want is friction, dramatic bridesmaidzilla wars and worst of all, an unhappy bride.

Read the rest of this article at The Hen Planner – Hen Party Planning Advice


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